Saturday, June 18, 2011

Waiting for news...

Well I'm back at the hospital with Lucy. Eliza stayed with her last night, and reports that she didn't sleep well. Poor thing needs to sleep if she's ever going to recover.
I've been here a couple of hours, and all I can report is Lucy is cute and looks like a chub! She is still uncomfortable and doesn't like all the tubes and cords attached to her, but I found a way to get her to sleep.

It was meant to be an escape pod, but she fell asleep before we got anywhere. She refuses to lay down in her own crib. Bad things happen in her crib. Smart girl.
Did we ever say anything about her lungs? Well, she has chest tubes in place to drain fluid as it accumulates around her heart. They were placed at the end of her surgery. Since these tubes are next to her lungs, they are probably causing a local inflammatory reaction, and therefore not helping out (or even causing) her lung problems. So they ripped one out yesterday (literally ripped it out, and fast. It was gross) and while her sats haven't improved, they don't seem as worried as before. Oh, except for the fact that they cultured some strep from her left lung base. She's on even more antibiotics. Whatever. They are thinking about taking the second out tomorrow.
But they anticipate a release early next week. Yeah! Just in time to come back for her cardiology appointment on Wednesday. Busy girl.

While Eliza spent the night at the hospital, Jack and I had a slumber party in the family room. In the morning we had German pancakes. Jack really likes his with powdered sugar.

What's sad about this is that it happened after Eliza got home. Two parents, two kids, one unsupervised mess. That seems to be how it always goes at our house. At least he's using a fork. I'm so proud.


Laurie said...

Looks like fun to me, mess and all. Seems like a good place for Lucy to rest. Hope each day gets better. Love you!

StrawberryBlond said...

Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Glad you found a way to help her sleep. And I'm not surprised at all about Jack's mess, lol. That's what being a parent is like. :o) You guys are doing awesome and if that is the worst thing that happens when you are both home, you are doing all right!

Love you guys!