Thursday, November 11, 2010

An end in sight

Lucy is now officially moved from the PICU. Yay!!!! I would have never guessed 24 hours ag0. Yesterday and the day before were really hard. Lucy was so alert but it wasn't Lucy. She didn't cry, she didn't smile. She was just vacant. Every time I got in the car those days I would break down. I'm at the hospital pretty much all day expect when I go home for a few hours to see Jack and Hazel. Being there with them and not Lucy has been really difficult. I can't look at Hazel without thinking about how close we were to losing Lucy. As I play with Hazel and Jack, all I think about is how different life would be without Lucy. I don't think I'd be so emotional about this except I know the worst may be yet to come. This surgery was only the "small" surgery to get us ready for the "big" one. They had to break a bone (her sternum) in order to get to the heart. It won't even have time to fully heal before they have to break it open again. It really is amazing how tough kids can be.
Today was a lot better. She started smiling and got off some more meds. She started eating on her own and is loving it. I saw Lucy again. We moved to the floor which has been wonderful. I feel like I'm able to be Mom again.

Don't you love the cards my little neiceys sent. I love them!

Before I go to bed I have to tell one last story. Lucy hasn't pooped in a few days so the nurse gave her a supository. Within 2 minutes Lucy had pooped. I got the nurse so she could take a sample and send to the lab. In walks the funniest lady ever. She says, "Oh I'll take care of that." She begins wiping Lucy up in the sloppiest way I've ever seen a diaper changed. She doesn't seem to mind. Poop is getting on her, on me, ALL over Lucy, on Lucy's socks, on Lucy's leads, ALL over the bedding, on the crib, on the floor, on the wall.......This woman actually starts using the bedding to wipe Lucy instead of the wipes. I was dying laughing. The whole time she acts like nothing is weird about the. She then says to me, "Does she look red to you? I'll go get some diaper cream." While she is gone Lucy pees(she still doesn't have a diaper on). When she gets back she squeezes a TON of diaper creme onto a blanket and starts using it to administer the creme. It took her 30 mins to clean up the mess. We had the funniest conversation about multiples while she did it. Appartently she knows someone who has quads (4 girls) . They really wanted a boy so they decided to try for one more. They ended up with quads again....yep 4 more girls. All under 3. That was her pep talk to me. When most people play the, "it could always be worse" card, I just get mad. But tonight, I think it worked. I still have no idea who she was.

Sorry I didn't include any pictures of that story.


Anaise said...

Even in pictures you can see in here eyes that she's doing well. I'm very glad.

And people who make us laugh under impossible circumstances are such a blessing!

Becca Jane said...

She used the bedding to put on the creme? That's absolutely awesome. Great story, thank you for the laugh!

I'm so so glad she's doing better. I am so touched by your posts and I know it's so cliche of me to say this, but it really has made me appreciate my own children more. Thank you for what you are teaching me. I think about your sweet family a lot.

LeeAnne said...

She looks so good. I am really happy that she is doing so well now. Let me know when she gets to come how so we can get you some meals.

Carlie said...

Thanks for the pictures. She looks so different than a few days ago! I'm so glad things seem to be on the mend. That lady sounds like a crack-up. As a mother you seem to get pretty good at cleaning those bums with minimal wipes. I've never had to use bedding, have you? :)

Burrows: places of retreat; shelter or refuge. said...

Love the story! Love the great pictures even more! So glad you are home (just read that on fb).

Christy said...

All my love! She looks just like you Eliza...and is one tough cookie! I'm glad mommy and daughter are home!You are still included daily in my prayers!