Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm pretty sure this has been the longest month of my life. I'm glad it is almost over. If I sound super grumpy, it is because I am. I'm just getting over the flu. Good thing we got our flu shots this year. Jack was sick on Wednesday with the flu. He was sick again on Friday after eating his own poo. Gross. I'm just praying the babies don't get sick. Lucy would need to be admitted if she did. Speaking of Lucy, that girl is turning my hair gray. That poor girl is just not herself. When we came home from the hospital she screamed for about a week straight. She still screams way more than is normal. Her chest is contracting and she also isn't eating very well. Today we (well my mom) began calling doctors to see if we could get someone to see her. I hate this process. So first we called the cardiac clinic. They told my mom to call the cardiac nurses hotline. They said this was an issue for our pediatrician. When we called the Pediatrician's office they told us to take her straight to the emergency room. Yeah right. If we were to go to the emergency room we'd have to wait hours with a bunch of sick kids just to be told, everything looks fine, follow up with your cardiologist in 2 weeks. Blurg!
The last day we were in the hospital I had a small meltdown when I realized Lucy's cardiologist wouldn't be coming by to talk to us before she left. I had been waiting all week to ask him questions and our follow up with him wasn't scheduled until Dec. 13. As of now we don't really know when to expect anything. We're not sure when she'll need her next cardiac cath or her next surgery. It's hard to see Hazel so bubbly and happy and know that Lucy won't be like that for awhile.

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