Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good News for Lulu

I am posting this post in two parts because computers hate me and I'm having difficulties.

I have no control over anything except the socks. Tomorrow I am planning on changing the socks.
This may seem silly but dang it it's all I'm allowed to do so I take it very seriously. Chuck asked me, "Why don't you just put on those hospital socks?" I decided if this is the only thing I can do for her they had better look cute. I told my mom about my control issue with these socks. She told me that after getting compliments from the nurses on her socks my mom decided to order more online. So we have that to look forward to.

These pictures of Lucy were taken yesterday(Day 2). Her chest was not closed yet at this point. The blood soaked bandages made me sick to look at but she still looks pretty cute anyway.


Jen said...

I don't know how you do it Eliza, seeing your helpless baby girl laying there like that. You are way stronger than you give your self credit for. So glad she is doing well and she does look like a sleeping angel!

Carlie said...

I can't even take those bloody bandages. Poor baby girl. I thought she was sporting a non-baby-bintz headband when I first saw these pictures!

Chuck and Eliza said...

Carlie, your headbands are much cuter. Maybe they'll let me put one of yours on instead.

StrawberryBlond said...

Hey, you go crazy with those socks! Heart surgery is no reason not to look your best. :o) I agree, if it's the one thing you can control, then control it you will, dang it!

Still praying and so glad things are continually looking up!

Anaise said...

I wish I had some cute socks to give you . . . it's the little things that count when the big things are so out of your control.

Strangely, she looks very healthy for a person with an open chest. That is odd to say, but her little face is round, and her skin is pink, and she looks perfectly beautiful--if you don't look at the open chest wound.