Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A word from Lulu

Don't I look fabulous! They took me off CPAP (that's the mask I had on to breathe). I love my anxiety meds, they help me chill-ax. I'm doing good but I'm still not ready to smile or look anyone in the eye. Mom accidently pulled out my IV today. Now she's covered in blood. Daddy found out today that he can take more time off to be with me. We're all very grateful. Mom can hardly believe how wonderful his school and the air force have been.
I'm still in the ICU and might be here a couple more days. I miss Jack and Hazel and can't wait to go home. Thanks everyone! I love you all.


Dave & Heather said...

We love you Lulu! Hang in there!

Glad things are working out for Chuck! I'm sure it's a relief for you all.

Anaise said...

It seems to me that your girl and her progress are miracles.

How truly wonder-full it is that she is doing so well.

Evans said...

Glad she is doing better! Her poor little chest...how sad, doesn't seem right on something so beautiful! Why is that bear always on her head?

Eliza said...

She likes the bear. They use them in the NICU a lot to keep them warm.

StrawberryBlond said...

Dear Lulu,

You are such a tough cookie! I like anxiety meds, too. I especially like how you still find time to be stylish through all this craziness with your bear hat and heart-shaped tape. Tell your mommy not to worry too much about the IV thing - we all make silly mistakes and hydrogen peroxide works great on blood stains. ;o) Keep on truckin' lil squirt.


Cousin (?) Chanelle

Carlie said...

I am so happy for you Chuck. I bet that's such a relief.

Glad today went ok.

Hang in there little Lucy, maybe tomorrow you'll be ready to smile, although I can't blame you.

Meredith said...

That picture is so cute and sad all at the same time. I am glad things are looking good now. She is so beautiful! You guys are definitely in my prayers. You are an amazing mom Liza!

Inga said...

What a beautiful baby!! Those staples are going to make her the toughest kid on the block when she's older - you'll just have to make sure that she doesn't start running around the neighborhood bearing her chest!

I can't tell you how happy I am for you that she's doing better and that Chuck gets to stay with you throughout the whole process. In my thoughts and prayers - "F"

Christin Foscarini said...

i dont know why but this post makes me want to cry. i love you guys and hope this is all over soon, but you are really becoming an amazing women because of all of this!! (more then you already were) love you guys!! ps I love that they cut the tape in a heart on her cheek! :)

Carlie said...

Lucy, speak up! You haven't said anything in 2 days. :)

Did mom tell you I had the itch to come see you guys? I got the ok and everything! I was going to come Sat and leave Mon morning, but couldn't make it work with the flight out and Jeff coming home from Hawaii. I'm thinking maybe over Thanksgiving though! Cross your fingers!