Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A note about Lu

Dad, this post is mostly for you because I know you'll ask. After much wailing and nashing of teeth we were able to see Lucy's cardiologist today. I went in there ready to fight to make sure my daughter's issues were listened to but there was no need. I always forget how much I like her doctor and how good he is. She had an echo done to make sure the shunt was working. Lucy has not been doing as well as we expected. She's not eating and her ox sats are dropping faster than they should be among other things. In my gut I feel like something just isn't right. According to the echo everything looked great. She had some leakage around her valves while we were in the hospital that has actually improved. The asked us to go get her blood work done. If her blood work comes back abnormal they may readmit her for a bit. I'm almost hoping for that because the alternative may be something more serious. The echo can't see narrowing of where the sutures were stitched on. If this is the case they may want to do another cardiac cath and balloon dilation to open them up. I asked the doctor to give me some idea of when we could expect her full repair. It wasn't the answer I wanted. He began rambling about all the things that might go wrong about extra surgeries she may need and I felt sick. They weren't just things that might go wrong, they were things that could likely go wrong. Back in May when we found out about Lucy's Tetralogy we were told she'd need two surgeries. It was still scary back then but at least it wasn't so complicated. We really have no idea what to expect from Lucy. I am so grateful for my babies. I am so grateful for my husband who does a far better job mothering than I'll ever do. Even though I have my days where all I can do is feel sorry for myself, I can't deny the miracles I've witnessed this year. The Lord always seems to give us even more than he takes away.


Anaise said...

Trust your gut. It once took me 3 aggressive visits--one office and 2 emergency--to get my infant daughter's broken leg correctly diagnosed and taken care of! Doctors forget that mothers know intuitively. Mothers just know.

My girls have been asking about yours. We are thankful for the update and will pray more fervently.

The Reynolds said...

I'm glad you got to get in to see him. It sounds like you have a good Dr. We'll be sure to keep you all in our prayers. Lucy is a strong little girl with a great cheering section. We're all her if you need us.

Christin Foscarini said...

Sorry to hear that there doesn't sound to be great news. But so happy that you are feeling blessings and recognizing them as such! Love you guys! You will always be in my prayers.