Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A few things I'm grateful for....

That my son calls his sisters Woosin and Heyhole.
That Chuck's school didn't make us move to Detroit.
That I was able to see Harry Potter despite all the craziness going on here.
For two succsessful surgeries.
For all the kindness and support people have shown our family.
Magic erasers.
That we're totally awesome at propping bottles now.
That Hazel isn't going to look totally football-headed the rest of her life.
Cute baby socks.
That one day Lucy will be mostly "fixed."
My Mama(who I have to call Gammy, so that Jack doesn't call her Momma).
For ALL of our family.
Cheap rent.
Quiet neighbors.
That we are totally going to buy our pre-cooked turkey this year from Oklahoma Joes (the best BBQ place ever!)

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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Christin Foscarini said...

glad that u get to have your family out there with you for thanksgiving. love you guys and hope that in spite of all the craziness in your life now, you will have a wonderful holiday season!